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We have provided many resources for you within the content of our website.  Click here to see if your company qualifies as “Space Scalable.”  Learn more about business plan competitions and learn the language by doing some research in our Glossary of Terms, or get into the mindset of an Investor.  Read about the BPC Rules, or learn about our Judges.  We have also included several helpful files (links at the bottom of this page) and links to websites that might be useful on your entrepreneurial journey.


The first item comes from one of this country’s best known business mentors: Guy Kawasaki.  He has offered the world – for free – his recommended templates for business plans, financials, and pitch slides. Just click this link. Here are two items courtesy of the US Patent and Trademark Office: A guide to assessing your firms’s “IP Awareness“, and an official IP Report, released this last March. We’ve also found the Space Angels Network website to contain immensely valuable information regarding the NewSpace Industry.


Another Kawasaki classic:  What to say and NOT to say to Investors.  Also, Overdrive: The official blog of the The Entrepreneur’s Organization, has tons of great posts on every possible topic related to entrepreneurship.  And here is one post in particular dedicated to startups that we thought was valuable to the BPC applicants.  Another great mentor for small businesses and startups is Barry Moltz.  Here’s a great post from Startup Genome (originally posted in Techcrunch) analyzing the “hot spots” of tech-preneur activity.  This post from the Entrepreneurs Foundation will help you organize your Executive Summary and your pitch to ensure that you include all the necessary information.


Nanotechnology Now! is one of the most comprehensive sources for nanotech news, info, and commercialization, and a supporter of the BPC. A big thanks to Brian Lundquist for being a part of this.

NewSpace Global is an information services provider that brings timely, accurate and critical information regarding the commercial space sector.


All PDF file links will open in a new tab (or new window, depending on your browser and settings) where you will have the option to save the document to your local machine.  All other document types (DOCX, PPTX, Exel) will begin downloading to your local machine automatically when you click on the link.

Perfecting Your Pitch (PDF)
Writing a Compelling Executive Summary (PDF)
Executive Summary one-page – sample (Word DOCX)
How To Write Business Plan (PDF)
Story telling that moves people (PDF)
Understanding Investor Due Diligence (PDF)
Guy Kawasaki Business Plan Example (Word DOCX)
Guy Kawasaki Operating Plan Example (Excel)
Guy Kawasaki Pitch Outline Example (PPTX)

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